10 Instagram Worthy Spots In Chicago 

Happy Friday guys! I’ve been on a roll with these Instagram inspired blog posts and today I’ve got yet another one for you! Lately, I’ve been getting so many questions about some of the things I put out on my Instagram. This post will answer most of those and give you a couple great places to visit when you’re down in the city.

Bombo Bar 

Yummy delicious goodness of everything tied into one amazing hot cocoa. Who knew the cold and windy weather of Chicago had its perks? Slide on in to Bombo Bar for one of these bad boys or help yourself to some of their amazing doughnuts, coffee, and gelato! You won’t be disappointed! 


The Field Museum

Stop in and say hello to Sue the T-rex. The field museum is a definite must if you’re in the city + that entry room is the perfect place for photos!


3 Arts Club Cafe At Restoration Hardware

Home decor, lattes, and food. Can it get any better than this ladies and gentlemen? My aesthetic is wrapped up all into one location. Set in Old Town, the 3 Arts Club Cafe offers a high quality dining experience at an affordable cost. Guests are seated under natural light, surrounded by greenery, and a comforting atmosphere. I recommend their signature BLT!


Stans Donuts 

My mouth waters just thinking of this place. Stans has some crazy donut flavors and cups full of great coffee! Grab a to-go box for a cute Insta pic! 



Smoothie and acai bowls you would have never believed existed if photos couldn’t prove it. Release your inner “health nut” and purchase a bowl or pressed juice! One of my favorites is the Acai Alchemist bowl. It contains a generous amount of fresh fruit, almond butter, nuts and a variety of other things! The options are endless here! 

The Hampton Social  

Probably some of the best seafood you could ever have and the vibes in here are on another level! Flirty fun decor lines the walls and tables. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a pic in front of the “Rose all day” sign! 


Lake Michigan 

You won’t be able to miss good ol Lake Michigan! Be careful though, the water tends to be chilly. Snap those pics from a distance until temps get into the highs! Best place for taking shots will forever be the bridges looking over the river but views can be seen from all over.


The Sky Deck 

Speaking of views, the Sky Deck at Willis Tower will show you all ChiTown has to offer right from the top. Feeling brave? Stand over the glass enclosure looking over 110 stories! 


Lincoln Park Conservatory 

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you’ll adore the conservatory at Lincoln Park Zoo. Pathways zigzag in between different plant species. Feels like you’re stepping right into the rainforest!


Magnolia Bakery

Two words…banana pudding. Magnolia bakery set in the middle of down town, features rich pastries and their one of a kind banana pudding. Pastel floors and marble table tops makes this destination one of my favs!


Author: Natalie Grusling

Busy body who drinks too much coffee

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