10 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

A good Instagram is the center of any business, blog, or lifestyle influencers’ media plan. My largest following is mostly on Instagram and with it, I’ve been able to grow my other social platforms. I find from experience that Instagram is becoming a larger and more personal platform. Connecting with your audience is easy and can be done with not much effort.

In today’s blog post, I’d like to highlight some key ways I’ve been able to grow my following on Insta. I’m letting out my tips and tricks along with some extra secrets that I hope will help all of you!

Make A Strong Bio 

  • A short bio that gives an overall run down on who you are is ultimately what we’re aiming for. Things I’ve used in my bio include my location, my email address, emojis, and short or witty phrases. An Instagram box is the first thing your new followers will see when accessing your page so make sure it’s memorable and grabs some attention.

Link Your Blog/YouTube 

  • Tie your hard work to your page and get people coming back for more. Linking your blog or YouTube gives followers another reason to return and check out what’s new with you. You double dip on two platforms with this tip.

Have A Professional Account 

  • A professional account on Instagram allows users to get in contact with you if need be. Whether that’s for branding purposes or another specific reason. A “contact” button appears on your page as well as an “occupation” low lighted section below your name. This makes everything look more put together and organized! You can change this by linking your Facebook page in the settings section of Instagram.

Post At Least Once A Day 

  • Consistency is everything on Instagram. It keeps your followers engaged and lets you showcase your daily activities or favorite photos. I try to post at least once even twice a day to keep my followers coming back. If you can’t find the time to do this, try stock piling your photos. What do I mean by this? Have a back up amount of photos taken from previous days that are already edited and ready to go. It takes away the hassle and stress of finding something new to take a pic of every day.

Use Instagram Stories

  • The new addition to Instagram has been amazingly helpful in maintaining connections with my viewers. Within a 24 hour time period I’m able to present any of the photos I’ve taken throughout the day, edit them, write on them, add locations and send messages. Think of it as Snapchat on steroids because it combines the app we already know and love with special features. Personally, I think it’s easiest to keep everything in one spot and Instagram has really impressed me by doing this.

Like, Comment, Respond

  • It’s always a good idea to continue relationships with others on the app. You’re able to network through one another and bounce ideas around. I’ve made some great online friends through Instagram and have connected with so many companies just by commenting on their posts! Start some conversation and don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling. Try to get noticed!

Use Hashtags 

  • At times, hashtags can be double edge swords. They assist you in getting your photos noticed but can be quite annoying to look at and can sometime make an Instagrammer look desperate for likes. Tread lightly and try attaching the hashtags you think will grab the most attention to your pictures. Some of my favorites have been, “#love, #coffee, #views, #vsco, #vscocam, #blog, #motivation, and #positivevibes”. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the things your posting and don’t go over board.

Have A Consistent Theme 

  • A consistent theme doesn’t always mean “perfect”. I’d recommend downloading the app VSCO CAM to help you make your selection. There, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different well designed filters. You can find anything from dark to light and pretty much everything in between. I’ve really been loving A6 and C1.

Create Good Captions 

  • Short and sweet is my rule of thumb for captions. Too long can make a reader uninterested so try to cut down. If you’re having trouble, try searching a word on Pinterest with “quotes” next to it. For example, if your posted photo is a cup of coffee try to search “coffee quotes”. I do this when I’m pressed for time and can’t come up with something on my own.

Hold Contests And Giveaways 

  • A great way to gain new followers is by holding giveaways. If you already have a large following, try getting a brand on board to help you. If you’re just getting started, maybe try connecting with other small profiles and work together. Hold contests for smaller products, follow backs, or collaborations. A perfect time to do these is when you hit milestones on Insta such as 1k, 5k, 10k, etc. Give people a reason to follow you!

February Goals + Life Update

This post will be a little on the unconventional side because February is almost over! Can you believe it?! It feels like we’ve just started 2017 and to think we’re approaching the third month of the year?! Crazy!

You’d assume I’d have thought of this blog post idea before the month began but unfortunately that’s not the case. Although I still had goals this month, I suppose I forgot to write them down, put them on paper, or in this case attach them online. On the bright side of things, I’d still like to share my goals from this month with all of you, as well as how I’ve lived up to my personal expectations throughout these last few weeks.

Right off the bat, I’d like to say this month has not been easy. It has been full of curve balls and days where I just did not want to get out of bed. Despite a less enthusiastic attitude, I managed to pull myself together and get what I needed to get done.

Being A Better Partner

My fiancé (spoiler alert: now husband) was off at military training for pretty much all of February. If you didn’t know, my fiancé will be deploying in March and the months leading up to this has not and will continue to not be smooth. But we’re working on it. It was difficult to get a taste of what our new normal will be like and frankly very eye-opening.

To get to my point, February was my month to learn strength. I consistently reminded myself why it was so important to collect my thoughts and stay positive. As a fiancé and now wife, I felt almost obligated to hold our relationship together and not let anything break our bond. Why? Because a soldier can’t be a soldier without the backing of his family and I was determined to make sure my soon-to-be hubby felt secure and supported throughout those difficult weeks. With that said, there’s no doubt I felt lonely and most days I was by myself but that goal of staying in touch with one another, calling nightly, and keeping busy always kept me hopeful.

Continuing A Healthy Lifestyle

With those rough evenings ahead, it was a goal of mine to consistently stay active. I’ve been going through spurts of energy and the outdoors has been a perfect outlet to let some of that go. Illinois weather in February tends to be gloomy and cold but lately it’s been the exact opposite. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of my days off walking the pups or running throughout my neighborhood.

In addition, I made an effort this month to monitor my calorie intake, work load, and physical activity. Although I haven’t managed to see any appearance based results, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in attitude and mood. I’m able to keep up with my day now and not get tired as easily as I would have the last month. It’s neat to realize my body is changing in a good way.

Grow My Social Media 

At the beginning of this month I really wanted to make sure I was paying attention to other social media sites aside from Instagram. Instagram has always been my go-to creative outlet and I’ve been fortunate enough to establish a strong following on that platform. However, I’m realizing now that if I essentially want to build a brand, I need to allow myself to branch out on other applications.

Since making this decision, I’ve set daily goals for the amount of times I should be tweeting a day, pinning a day, etc. Honestly, I’ve really began to love these other sites just as much as I do Insta! Even better, Twitter and Pinterest give me another way to connect with my followers on a more personal level. The most recent change I’ve made is creating at least four new boards a week or one every other day. It keeps things consistent for my audience and lets me explore creative options.

To conclude, February is coming to an end and March is upon us. What are your goals for next month? Be sure to comment below or share with me on other sites what you’re most excited for this Spring. As always, my socials are linked below as well as on the home page. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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Reviewing The Aspyn Ovard Pixi Collection

Holy cow! When I found out Aspyn was coming out with her own line of beauty products in collaboration with Pixi, I was over the moon. If you didn’t know, Aspyn Ovard is a lifestyle YouTuber and Blogger. Not only does she have an amazing main channel full of DIY’s, reviews, style, recipes, and fashion videos. In addition, she also runs a vlog channel with her husband Parker, who together are equally adorable.

Aspyn’s style is neutral toned, flowy, and comfortable. Her makeup choices and outfits definitely coincide with one another and create a united look. I expected her products to be a true representation of just that. At first glance, I wasn’t surprised to find that her choices were light and glowy with subtle colors. They were products I could really see myself using on a daily basis and that alone was super important to me.

In the collection, there are four different products to try. This includes two highlighters, a blush, and a lower lash mascara with a brow gel. All of these tiny gems are perfect in size and easily some of the most basic basic’s a girl could have. I’m a lover for things I can throw on into my purse and head out the door with. If I’m in a rush and need a little pop of product, these are ultimately the ones I’m reaching for.

Eye Accents: Brow Gel & Lower Lash Mascara 

It’s very hard to find a mascara for the lower lashes without it being too clumpy or thick. This mascara couldn’t be farther from that. This product was smooth and creamy which ultimately made it easy to apply. I didn’t have to alter the application by re-applying and trying to remove clumps, there were none!

As far as the brow gel goes, there’s not much to say. It was similar to others I’ve tried in the past but I could feel a little difference in the hold. It lasted the entire day and kept my brows in perfect shape. Not too much to explain about this product besides the fact it served its purpose. Travel size, was one of the main features I thought set this gel apart from some of its competitors.

Glow-y Powder: Santorini Sunset 

I pictured this highlighter, despite Aspyns beauty preferences, to be a little over powering. It looked very bright in the package and maybe too glowy for my skin tone. Fortunately, I was wrong. This powder is muted in color and allows you to apply as little or as much as you’d like. At times, I’ve found certain highlighters can be too bright, making a person look shinier than need be. With that said, I’m a huge fan of a natural looking face and dislike drawing too much attention to one area. That’s why this product is so good! The shade is great, the application lasts many hours, and I’m able to use this on a daily basis.

Glow-y Powder: Rome Rose

This was the last product in the line I tried and again there’s mostly just good things to say about it. The blush styled glow powder has a slight bright undertone that allows it to turn from one product into another. I’d say this item does a great job of combining two things every girl loves: a rosy cheek and a flawless highlight. I’m sure this combination was intentional, given the name “glow-y powder” but using it for the first time, was so unexpected!

The final item in Aspyns collection I wasn’t able to get my hands on! They were completely sold out at my nearest Target. In conclusion though, I just want to say how collectively amazing this line is. I can most definitely see myself using these products daily for events or for those mornings when I just want to keep it easy. 

Let me know in the comments below or through my social media platforms if you have or are planning to try any of these! I’d love to hear your expert opinion and feedback! As always, those links are located on the homepage as well as down below.

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