The Best Bath & Body Works Holiday Scents

Bath & Body Works is the king of all fragrant things. Their body lotions are smooth and buttery, the sprays keep me smelling great all day long, and best of all their candles rock my world. They burn slow and smell heavenly, I couldn’t not talk about some of my favs during this time of year!

The scent Evergreen by B&BW’s partnered brand, White Barn, is the epitome of what the holiday season should smell like. There’s a sweet undertone to this candle but resembles closest to fresh pine trees. I love burning this after tidying up my house! Makes everything smell so clean!

This spicy scent has become my favorite very quickly. It smells like I’m baking gingerbread or something festive in the kitchen without having that doughy smell. I can’t stand candles that are too similar to cupcakes, cake, or cookies. This is just enough and not too much.

Vanilla and pear was a combination I never thought I’d love but let me tell you, this one is amazing. You’d figure the pear would make this candle come off extremely sweet-smelling but the vanilla and cinnamon touches calm that down a bit. Oh, and not to mention this packaging…how cute!

If you’re into a more traditional smell try the straight Balsam candle. You’ll be transported from your living room to a forest. Love, love, love the smell of trees! Does that sound weird?!

Have a new favorite that I didn’t mention?! Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you all think are perfect additions for the season. Always looking for extras that will make my house smell good!

See you in my next post!

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