Morning Routine With My Keurig

My morning routine is typically stressful from waking up to the 10 alarms I had set the night before to making sure my pets are fed and of course remembering everything I need before running out the door. After all of that, I’m still SO exhausted and in need of a morning pick me up. I used to stop at Starbucks in the morning. Which would always end up taking another chunk out of my routine. Standing in line, ordering, and waiting for someone else to make my drink? It was just so unnecessary to waste my time doing that and even worse…waste my money on something I could do myself.

Thankfully, I was recently sent a Keurig to try out and boy did this little gadget change my life. Instead of paying $5 for one cup of coffee, I can spend approximately $9.99 and make more than 10 cups of coffee! Mind you, at home and quickly!

A few of my favorites have been the Caribou, Starbucks, and Green Mountain Coffee pod packs. The flavors are so rich and fresh. It’s also super nice that I get to create my own coffee creations! I’ve been experimenting with creamers, milks, and sweeteners. It’s been so much fun!

Oh, and can we just briefly touch on adorable coffee mugs and cups?! You don’t get that at a chain coffee joint! I scooped up this navy blue one from the Target dollar spot for only $3! It’s been my go-to for cold mornings (the few we have been getting *rolls eyes*). Fits a perfect 10 oz serving size!

So if you want to save money, get to where you’re going faster, and be in control of your morning consider checking out a Keurig! In addition to just being convenient, the models available are just gorgeous and come in a variety of different colors! Let me know what you think and reach out so we can swap coffee recipes!


It’s Okay To Say No – How To Stand Your Ground

I’ve always struggled with finding ways to nicely say “no thank you”. And that sounds so dramatic to say.Β But as a young, millennial, female entrepreneur, there are more than enough reasons to justify why I feel the way I do. Especially in this point in time where the rights and equality of others are being recognized and yet continue to be manipulated.

“Never accept anything less than what you deserve. Remember you teach people how to treat you..”

Truthfully, it hasn’t been easy to overcome the fear of saying no. Yes, I said fear. I say this because in my case it stems from intimidation, the unknown, and the willingness to make someone else comfortable instead ofΒ myself. Whatever your case may be, I wanted to go through some of the ways I’ve been able to conquer this issue and tips that could help you too!

You Are The Priority

One of the reasons I felt so guilty for saying no was because I believed other people mattered more than I did. I would say yes to picking up extra shifts even though I knew I was stressed and overworked. I went out more often, spent money I didn’t have, and accepted unhealthy habits because I just didn’t feel confident enough to say no.

They’ll Get Over It

There’s always going to be a reason for saying no. It’s not just something we say for fun. It’s a word that lets others know “that’s not okay”, “I don’t like that”, or “I don’t want to do that”. It’s not easy and it’s not something we necessarily want to say but it’s empowering and allows you to make decisions. If someone does not respect a no or refuses to accept it, that’s their problem. Majority of the time the individuals who do that are the people whom you’d be better off without anyway.

“Life Tip: Do you”

You Are Not The Problem

In previous situations, I’ve been called a lot of different things for standing my ground on my no’s. But the truth is, I’m not the problem and neither are you. Stop blaming yourself for choosing an unpopular response. Whatever your reasoning is, I’m sure it’s a good one. Take the time to remember and reflect upon your values, morals, and goals. Did saying no keep you aligned with your overall plan? I know that’s hard to maybe understand over the internet but if you really think about it – our choices today truly reflect the things that happen to us tomorrow. So, choose your yes’ and no’s wisely.


Summer 2017 Bucket List

It’s Summer in Chicago. Finally. Am I right?! Those cold mornings and dewy afternoons paid off. March, April, and May showers bring June flowers? Is that how it goes? Anyways, I’m in nice weather mode from here on out. The shorts have been purchased and sandals are the only shoes I’ve been wearing. With Summer comes adventure though and I’m totally ready for some serious exploring.

Last year, I made a huge bucket list full of things I knew I had to complete before those months were over. Not to say I completed everything on that list, but a large majority was crossed off. I plan to do the same this season and wanted toΒ share my plans with all of you! Some are more extreme than others so bear with me here.

1. Swim In The Ocean

In a few short weeks I’ll be headed back to Florida for a long vacation with the hubby.Β I was just in Orlando after Christmas time but didn’t get to enjoy any of those gorgeous Florida beaches or swim in the sea. So, this time around, I’m doing it.

2. Fish In The Ocean

Speaking of Florida, when I’m there I think it would be outside of my comfort zone to try fishing. I’ve fished in lakes before, for small fish…very small fish. But never anything bigger than my hand. I don’t have to necessarily “catch” anything, it would just be an experience to check off.


3. Grow My Blog Following

My blog is considerably new. This winter I ended up taking my social media platforms more seriously and began to gain a following on multiple channels. But that stuff is hard to keep up with and sometimes I slip up on posting and creating. This summer, I want to focus more on finding my path in the blogging world.

4. Go Cliff Jumping

There’s something exciting about heights and facing your fears. Super anxious to cross this one off my list. Can’t wait to find a pretty place to jump, take pics, and enjoy the Summer weather.

5. Start Real Estate Schooling

Surprise! Ya girl wants to go back to school! Specifically, for real estate. I know, I know it sounds absolutely insane. But it’s something different, new, and rewarding! Let’s hope I follow through with this new found career path.

6. Run A 5k

I’ve been obsessed with running lately. This Summer, I’d love to try a 5k in the city or a cool obstacle course type thing. Really for no other reason but to say “I did that”. Ya know?

7. Start A Garden

I’ve begun my test for a green thumb by adding a couple house plants to my living room. So far, no good. With that said though, maybe things will be different in the real outdoors. It would be neat to plant some fresh flowers and watch the colors grow.

8. Try All The Halo Top Flavors

My lover, my life, my shawty, my wife. I eat a ton of that stuff. Can you blame me though?! It’s delicious and much better for you than regular ice cream. A few months ago, Halo Top released 10 new flavors. I’ve only tried 3 out of those 10 flavors! Needless to say, this bucket list item will be crossed off before Summer’s end.

Now it’s your turn! What are you Summer to-do’s? I want to know! Leave a comment down below or tell me on my other social media platforms. Let’s share our plans and try new things!