Winter Outfit Idea + Thanksgiving OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all of you enjoy your day with family, friends, and amazing food! What are your plans for this afternoon?! Gobble till you wobble I’m sure! Keep reading to find out what I chose to wear this holiday + more!

I’m constantly on the move whether it’s traveling, exploring, or running routine errands – I always like to feel put together. Feeling good about yourself (at least for me) comes from being confident and that confidence stems from a rocking outfit. When I wake up in the morning and spend extra time getting ready, I feel great!

Here’s one of my newest go-to’s for the winter time! This top from Modern Lizzy Co. is functional and provides comfort no matter what my day looks like! It comes in cream and black, is incredibly soft, and long enough to just throw on a pair of leggings with! Love this Thanksgiving outfit!

Modern Lizzy Co. also has a large variety of other cozy pieces to choose from on their site. Click the photos below to shop the collections and be sure to use my code Natalie15 for 15% off all purchases!

cozy sweater for winter fashion style cream color

cozy sweater for winter fashion style cream color

Jewelry deets include a set from Cracker Barrel and key rings from JoJo Rings. Warm tones and golds are ideal for a day like this one!

There are so many ways to dress this look up or down. Add a scarf or a chunky necklace, pair it with some ripped jeans and booties, so many possibilities! And if you’re wondering, this beanie is again, from Cracker Barrel but you can seriously purchase them anywhere! I recently saw quite a few in the dollar spot at Target – go get yourself one!

What’s your favorite winter accessory or outfit?! I need to know in the comments! After all, Black Friday is tomorrow and you bet I’ll be out and about shopping till I drop!


Cuba Travel Diary


I’m in Cuba for a week enjoying the warm sun, ocean breeze, and unbelievable views.

My travels started off in Chicago where I flew out of O’Hare International Airport and into Fort Lauderdale for a night (a long night might I add). After sleeping on the airport tiles and five cups of coffee later, it was finally time for me to board the flight that would take me straight to my island destination. A quick jet over was nearly a hop, skip, and a jump – the flight to Cuba lasted only an hour and a half! I was very surprised it didn’t take longer and couldn’t believe how fast the plane went!

Anyways, this trip has been a once in a lifetime experience and although it’s not over yet…I wanted to make sure I kept all of you updated with a few fun photos! Here are some of my favorites from exploring around. There hasn’t been much to do other than snorkeling, eating, and soaking up this amazing weather! Sounds just absolutely terrible right?! Do I have to go back to Chicago?!

Waffles fruit and hashbrowns for breakfast

One of the first things we did on this trip was grab the perfect brunch. As you can see from the photo, I went all out. I definitely was not going to hold back on all the good stuff this spot had to offer. I started with this plate and went back for seconds, thirds, and yes even an early morning desert. Topped my “breakfast” off with some cheesecake bites! Needless to say, I ate good!

Little crab in the rocks

Caves on vacation in Cuba

There were a ton of tiny crabs and unique sea creatures at the beaches we visited. It was also super cool to climb into these rock structures and just explore. I sat here for about an hour searching for shells, coral, and sea glass to bring back home.

I definitely got pushed out of my comfort zone with snorkeling. Jelly fish and sea urchins were things I did not want to encounter. Alhough I tried to stray away, the little guys slowly made their way near my path. So scary!

Iguana in the trees in Cuba vacation

Taking rides through some of the mountains were where I spotted lot’s of iguanas. This one decided to chill in the tree tops. They act like dogs and are definitely not afraid of people whatsoever.

Bad and boujee sweatshirt on vacation in cuba

Long days out and about make me so tired. At the end of each adventure I’ve looked forward to throwing on comfy clothes and watching the waves from our room. This trip has made be feel extra bad and boujee + peep my sweatshirt from Shop Abby Lee! It’s extremely comfortable and has been my go-to for traveling lately. Click the photo above to scoop yours or just check them out on Instagram @shop.abbylee!

Like I said above, I still can’t believe I’m actually here, in Cuba! What is your dream vacation?! Leave a comment below and let me know!

See you in my next post!


First Look: Hearth + Hand With Magnolia At Target

The holidays are coming people whether you’re ready or not. And I don’t know about you but…I’m ready! From what I can remember, I’ve never been this excited for the Christmas season as I am in 2017. I think it’s a mixture of the unavoidable festive home decor and the fact that I’m counting down the days until my husband comes home in January! Either way, I’m embracing it and decorating from the floor to the ceiling!

With all of this holiday talk you’d assume there’d be a point to this post. Well, there is! If you’re familiar with Joanna & Chip Gaines then you’d know they’ve been teasing a collaboration exclusively for Target. Today, November 5th 2017, the collection launched online and in stores!

The couple is well-known for their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. To give you an idea, the program follows the husband and wife through a complete renovation of someone’s new home. Throughout the demo and decorating process, viewers get to know the Gaines family very well! Both Joanna and Chip are authors, parents, and overall great people from what the television show depicts! They seem to truly know the science behind creating and creating things well.

The first batch of home goods have made their appearance. Here’s a little peek into what’s available as well as some of my favorites!

Those plaid stockings in traditional green, white, and greys would look awesome hung above your fireplace this season.

I heard some comments in my local Target that a lot of the pieces featured in this collection were specific to someone with a “rustic” taste. I couldn’t disagree more with that! I think Joanna and Chip did an excellent job of making these products interchangeable with anyones style of decorating. The whites and blacks, silvers and copper tones can easily fit into any living space.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Gaines definitely kept this batch of items simple. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Check out this scale for the kitchen. Perfect for preparing home-made cookies!

This wreath for your door will bring in all the holiday cheer! For only $19.99 you can spruce up the outside of your home just in time for guests or style the piece indoors hung above lots of family photos!

The last thing I wanted to touch on was the wide variety of gifts available from Hearth & Hand. Messenger bags, water bottles, wallets, luggage tags, a doll house, christmas pajamas, and so much more. There’s gotta be something for that special someone on your list this year.

Are you sold yet?! Have you fallen in love with this brand?! Let me know your thoughts on this Target collab down below. I definitely want to hear if you feel the same as I do!