Best Watch For Fall With Daniel Wellington

Fall fashion tends to be all about warm tones, comfort, and functionality. It’s the time of year when the weather changes ever so slightly but yet drastically impacts the way we dress. What about the way we accessorize though? I’ve scrolled through a handful of blog posts that point out Fall clothing trends but hardly anything regarding how we should be accessorizing these outfits? Fear not though internet, I am here to save the day and introduce you to my new favorite little gem.

Let me just tell you a bit about Daniel Wellington

DW is a Swedish watch brand that makes beautiful time pieces in an assortment of different styles. The beauty in their watches is highlighted by the simplicity. It’s minimalism at it’s finest. Carefully crafted and designed to match anyones lifestyle!

From experience, I can say my Daniel Wellington watch has followed me from a museum tour, to apple picking, and through a night out with friends. It’s so versatile that I can take it nearly anywhere without worrying about whether or not the watch would stay stylin as much as I was. And to make it even better, the brand features swappable bands! So even if desired, I could switch a look for something different – saves me from having to buy a new watch all together! Super convenient!

The piece featured in this post is my Classic Petite (size 32mm) Durham in the color silver. This watch gives me all the Fall vibes so when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! This specific face comes in a gold detailing too but I chose silver to match my wedding ring!

In addition to the incredibly ultra-thin case design. The watch wraps around you with a light brown leather band. The leather band stays secure on my wrist keeping the watch where it can be seen best. That’s always been a huge issue for me in the past – finding an accessory that isn’t too large or too small. This one fits just right!

So, what do you think?! Don’t you love Daniel Wellington as much as I do?! If the answer is yes and you’d like to purchase your own, be sure to use my code NATALIEGG at checkout. That will get you 15% off your order on – yay for discounts! Am I right?!


30 Days Of Self Improvement

So far, there’s been a few days this season where I just feel lost. Not sure what to do and can’t necessarily get myself out of bed. But I’m not okay with that. I want to do more this summer and with my husband deployed, now is the perfect time. This blog post will feature a few ideas to boost your self-improvement and mood. It’s also geared towards keeping busy and staying productive. It’s the end of July people, the clock is definitely clicking.

Start a fitness plan. 

Find a new coffee shop and study, work, or create something.

Read a book from a genre you normally wouldn’t lean towards.

Set your alarm an hour earlier than normal.

Watch the sunrise. 

Watch the sunset.

Drive 20 miles outside of your city to a unfamiliar place. 

Go see a movie with an old friend.

Cut your hair.

Take a long walk without social media, texting, or phone calls.

Do something nice for someone else. 

Make a vision board.

Declutter and deep clean your space. 

Write down what you want to accomplish in the next year.

Work on your professional resume. 

Learn about something new.

Eat breakfast outside. 

Try meditation.

Go the entire day without complaining. 

Make a new “feel good” Spotify playlist.

Donate your clothes to a shelter in need, thrift store, or friend. 

Buy yourself flowers.

Start planning your dream vacay. 

Don’t buy anything for 24 hours.

Go to bed early.

Clean out your email inbox.

Stretch your night routine and pamper yourself. 

Spend a day trying out photography.

Sign up for a non-credit/credit course at your local college or recreational center.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

10 Quotes That Will Change Your Mindset

Mini appreciation post for all things this wonderful life has to offer. I believe often, as humans, we get caught up in the unnecessary slumps life throws at us. We have a tendency to feel “kicked when we’re down” if things don’t go our way. We feel defeated when we don’t always know what to do next. Bottom line, life’s a hell of a challenge and definitely not easy.

The last couple years, for me, have been full of ups and downs. High expectations and low ones. A handful of hellos and sometimes hard goodbyes. I think I’m at a place now, where I’ve finally realized that although life takes all these crazy twists and turns sometimes it’s just best to enjoy the ride. Daily, I try to find the good in any type of situation regardless of whether the solution is in my favor or not. A lesson is to be learned in every trial or tribulation we endure, make the best out of it.

Today, I wanted to share my recent Top 10 quotes for getting through hard times. Most of these are goal oriented or about the journey towards success (whatever that may be for you). Nevertheless, all of these have helped me find the courage to move on and grow from the past and present. Hope you enjoy!

You are stronger than you realize. You are more capable than you can imagine. 

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.

The struggle is part of the story. 

Do it for you and not for them. 

It is about being fearlessly and relentlessly true to yourself. 

One day? Or day one. You decide. 

If you are not obsessed with your life, change it. 

If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.

Go after what you want or you may never have it. 

One year = 365 opportunities.